How big is Florence?

Florence is approximately 12 foot long, 7 foot wide and 8 foot high.

Can I hire Florence to take away on holiday?

Not at the moment but it’s something we are working on for 2016 so if you’re interest in that do get in touch. She just needs a few modern touches before that happens.

Has Florence got electric hook up?

Yes she has and it’s all brand new and recently serviced.

Do I have to come and get Florence or can she be delivered to my event?

Either, we can deliver for free within a 30 miles radius, after that we will charge 45p per mile for delivery. If you want to come and get her yourself then you must make sure you have the correct tow bar with power connectors and a legal number plate, not a piece of cardboard

I only need Florence for one day, can I just have her on a Saturday for example?

For logistical reasons it easier for us if we can deliver on a Monday or Thursday to your event and then collect on a Thursday or Monday. There may be some flexibility in that at times so please ask.

How old is Florence?

We don’t know her exact birthday but we think somewhere in the 1970’s

Where do you cover?

Florence lives in Somerset right now so we cover Somerset and Devon. Anything further than that then we would have to have a chat. Because she is old we can’t have her out doing too much running around.

How much does Florence cost?

As a guide, hire of Florence for 4 nights is £400 but each individual has their own special needs so we sometimes need to tweak that price either up or down.

Do you provide any staff with Florence?

No you must provide any staff you want to work with Florence, for example serving drinks or cakes from her

Can Florence be used for photo shoots?

Definitely, and she has been in the past, if you need a location we can help arrange that for you too.

And films?

Yes she has been in short films and on CBBC, again call us to discuss your needs.

The best thing to do now is get in touch and we can talk through your requirements.


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